U.S Figure Skating Rule Changes!

Summary of Corrections to 2022-23 Rulebook.pdf
2022-23 Rulebook for Website 12-01-22.pdf
RulesUpdateCommunication_Final (1).pdf
2022-2023 Domestic Calling Clarifications Pre-Juv Below (1).pdf
2022-2023 Domestic Calling Clarifications Novice Junior (1).pdf
2022-2023 Domestic Calling Clarifications Juv Int (1).pdf
2022-23 Singles SP Chart.pdf
TN 282 Excel Competitions (2).pdf
2023 Excel Series Handbook.pdf
2023 Excel Competitions Formatted.pdf
Excel Free Skate Requirements 2023.pdf
Excel Technical Info 2023.pdf
2022-2023 Domestic Bonus Chart.pdf
2022-23 ACS Handbook Newest Version.pdf
2022-2023 Adult Calling Clarifications.pdf
2022-2023 Adult Singles Bronze - Masters.pdf
Compete USA Manual 2022 2023.pdf
TN 269 IJS Parameters for Nonqualifying-Level Events REVISED March 30 2023.pdf
2022-23 ID Deductions PD and FD Nov Below and Adult.pdf
2022-2023 Intercollegiate Singles SP Chart.pdf
2022-2023 Intercollegiate Handbook v4-1.pdf
2022-23 Intercollegiate Championship Singles FS Chart.pdf
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