Before You Begin: How to Use This Planner

This course is organized in sections. Within each section, you will find worksheets and tutorials, which are my suggestions on how to use the materials.

You can preview each worksheet before you download and print them so that you can decide if the worksheet is right for you.

Once you download the worksheets that you would like you use, I recommend that you print them and organize them in a 3-ring binder with tabs so that you and your coaching team can access the worksheet that you are looking for easily while you are on the ice.

I further suggest that you use a binder with a clear cover so that you can use the cover that I've provided or create your own to make it even more personal!

The first few pages for you to download and print are located at the bottom of this page.

Always make sure to bring your binder with you to your practices, lessons, and off-ice training so that you and your coaches can use it to keep you progressing toward your goals!

It is intentional that the entire year of monthly, weekly, and daily planning sheets does not appear all at once!

You'll have access to the detailed calendar pages as the year progresses. This way you'll remain in the present rather than getting caught up in small details too far in the future.

I recommend that you purchase the following to create and organize your own personal planning binder:

  1. 3-Ring Binder
  2. Tabs
  3. Binder Pouch (for pens, etc.)
  4. 3-Hole Puncher
  5. Also, make sure you have enough printer paper and toner/ink!

Kindly please remember that while I encourage you to download and print the worksheets for your own personal use, the material is subject to copyright and may not be shared with others.

You'll notice that each page is watermarked. I know some of you will find this annoying and I'm sorry about that. However, I have found that when I haven't done this other people pass the materials that I've developed off as their own :(

If you or your coach wish to print copies for others, please contact me to acquire a commercial license.

Thank you!


Coach Aimee Ricca 2022 Figure Skater Planner Cover Intro Copyright.pdf
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